January 30, 2023 1 min read

Our baby is 2 weeks old tomorrow and we’ve settled into a happy little routine of feeding, sleeping and filling nappies. Having used cloth nappies for all of our 7 babies, we've had the opportunity to try dozens of different brands and styles, from terry flats to sized all-in-ones.
One of the great things about the Australian cloth nappy industry is that there are so many options available to suit all families, budgets and babies. At the moment, we’re using a combination of 3 nappies:
🌱 Bubblebubs BamBams (newborn fitted nappies) with our Cómodo Wrap Mini over the top
🌱 Our Diversifold Mini in pad fold with our Cómodo Wrap Mini over the top
🌱 Our Mini-fit Pocket Nappy boosted with the Diversifold Mini


They’re all working beautifully and I love that I have the option to boost all of these if I know he’s going to go down for a long sleep.
We’re also using the Designer Bums change covers which come in the most beautiful prints, a Designer Bums backpack as our nappy bag, Nature's Child baby powder and breast pads, our own reusable wipes (Young Living disposable wipes for when we’re out), bibs from Baby Bare and FeFiFoBum cloth pads.
Love, love, love that we have the industry and the creativity in Australia to support parents in postpartum and well beyond.

*Jacaranda print Cómodo Wrap Mini is available exclusively from Nest Nappies while stocks last.

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