If you are a retailer of beautiful, ethical, natural parenting products and are looking for more successful lines to sell in store, you’ve come to the right place.

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“I’ve known and worked with Eva for over five years now and can honestly say that she is one of the smartest, organised and influential online business owners I’m lucky to know and call my friend. Eva is a master of connection – whether it’s supporting her retailers, other business owners in the Australian Nappy Association or a wider audience through her blog."

Laura Trotta - CEO, Laura Trotta Enterprises Pty Ltd and Founder and 

“Eva Van Strijp is not only an experienced business owner (in both the retail and wholesale sides), but is committed to helping small business owners reach their potential without sacrificing themselves or their families in the process. Eva is regarded as setting the benchmark for a distributor in the natural parenting industry. Not only is she a passionate advocate for her suppliers and products, but she works in partnership with her retailers to provide all the tools they need to market her products. If only all our suppliers were as great as Eva!”

Fiona Ward and Catherine Wyrostek - Owners, Darlings Downunder

“Eva helps with amazing practical tips and strategies to sell her products to our customers, but is also a source of inspiration and motivation to reach further. She provides us with clear, timely and consistent information regarding her products, so that we may keep our customers up to date. Eva always invites us to work in collaboration with her, to promote our business with her products. But beyond this, Eva inspires me to be true to my customers and to build my small business based upon my values and goals. I enjoy working with Eva through my business, as she understands and empathises with the demands that a mother has with young children at home, and striving for their dreams. Thank you Eva, for helping me achieve mine.”

Tennille Graham - Owner, Apikali

“I am so pleased to provide a testimonial for our dear supplier Eva, who has become more like a friend than a business contact. Eva is an experienced woman in business and a delight to communicate with. Her flexible, friendly approach and commitment to her role gives us confidence in our access to her brands, also allowing us to market them with similar dedication. Eva is experienced in her position and has a well-earned respect among retailers. I have no doubt that her guidance would be an asset to any new business building their foundations in wholesale distribution or indeed she would have valuable experience to share to small business owners in any context.”

Pippa Buxton - Owner, Little Earth Nest


  • Focus

    Unlike most other cloth nappy distributors in Australia, we do not sell directly to consumers. This means that we don’t compete with you, we support you. You are our focus.

  • Experience

    With eleven years’ experience in the sustainable parenting industry, we are a team that is equipped to support you in bringing our range to your customers.

  • Resources

    We provide you with up-to-date educational resources for your staff, including a full range of downloadable training guides.

  • Marketing

    We supply you with the promotional materials you need to effectively and consistently market our award-winning brand. Promotional materials include web banners, fliers, posters and more.

  • Support

    Boasting a huge range of comprehensive support, if your customer has a question, we have the answer!

Make cloth the easy choice!