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December 15, 2018 2 min read

What is a Wet Bag and Why Every Family Needs One (or 10!)

A wet bag is probably the best friend of my cloth nappying days.

These convenient, easy-to-use essentials are such a life {and smell!} saver when you’re out and about by letting you stash soiled cloth nappies easily and without a fuss.

Even during toilet training days and well beyond, they’re awesome. Heck, even if you don’t have kids – these things ROCK!

So, let’s look at what exactly is a wet bag and why every family needs some in their life.


Reusable wet bags were designed to help cloth nappying parents keep soiled nappies away from their clean nappies while out and about, but have since been embraced by people in all walks of life as an excellent practical alternative to plastic bags. They are made from a special waterproof fabric called polyurethane laminate (PUL) and as such, are useful for a variety of purposes that require keeping something wet away from something dry (or vice versa!).

HINT: If you’re using a wet bag to store your nappies between washes, you can add a drop of essential oil into the bag along with the nappies until you’re ready to put them into the washing machine. This helps keep the bag smelling fresher than it otherwise might.


So you’re wondering how many do you need? Personally, we have over a dozen. Why so many?

Well, each of the kids has one as a travel toiletry bag. I have 3 that I use regularly to store nappies/training pants/spare clothes when we go out, a handful that stay in the back of the car in my reusable shopping bag stash (they’re great for storing things that might leak, such as cut watermelon), one that’s used as a library bag, another that we keep aside for swimmers and towels, one for hubby’s gym gear and a few small ones for things like make-up, first aid supplies (kept in the car) and small travel toys.

Our Beach Bag holds approximately 10 cloth nappies or a day’s worth of beach gear, and our new Teeny Tote is perfect for storing 1-2 nappies or smaller items such as toiletries, make-up, toys, first aid kit or training pants. Both have zip closure and a handy little snap handle that can attach to your trolley, pram or handbag.

Have we convinced you yet?? Don’t take our word for it: give one a go. You might be surprised just how handy this neat little invention is.

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