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August 28, 2021 1 min read

Let's chat about the Strucket Mini. 

In case you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, it's the smaller, arguably more versatile version of the incredible Strucket (AKA brilliant award-winning strainer/bucket). 

I've had 3 in my kitchen now for the past year and use all of them at least once a day, sometimes multiple times.

We use ours for:

🌱Collecting fresh produce from the garden which can then be easily washed and the remaining water used to go back on the garden

🌱Washing store produce

🌱Soaking cloth wipes and pads

🌱Storing excess garden produce in the fridge which keeps better with air circulating (just use the strainer part)

🌱Storing the overflow of pegs at our washing line

🌱Marinating meat

🌱Straining pasta

🌱I even used one to strain the pips from my homemade cherry plum jam last spring - can't wait to do that again soon!

Designed to handle anything the family can throw at it: dishwashers, fridges, boiling water, and of course, every type of mess... You’ll honestly wonder how you lived without it.

And we have fresh new stock coming next week! YAY! So if you feel like you could use some help around the kitchen, you'll LOVE the Strucket Mini! We also have the original Strucket which is the perfect laundry side-kick. Grab your helpers HERE.

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