October 21, 2021 2 min read

The love is in the details and if gifting is your love language, you'll know how good it feels to receive a thoughtfully wrapped gift. But gift wrap doesn't have to cost the earth and there are plenty of ways to pour love into the simple act of concealing a gift.

Here are 6 ways to wrap presents beautifully on a budget.

6 eco gift wrap ideas for the whole family

Recycled Paper

Opt for recycled paper that can be reused or once again recycled. Investing in a large roll of recycled brown paper means you're not stuck with lots of small rolls of themed paper after an event. Brown paper can be dressed up or down for any season and is suitable for people of all ages.

Reuse Scrap Fabric

If you're a sewer, you'll often find yourself with mountains of scrap fabric laying around after a session on the machine. Keep these aside for when you need to wrap presents. Small scraps can be cut into stars and hearts and used to decorate simple brown paper wrapping, while longer strips can be used as ribbon. This creates a really unique lease on life for something that would have ended up in the bin. 

We've done this for our 12 Days of Christmas bundles this year and they look super cute!


Cut sprigs of herbs and other plants and dry them or use them fresh as decorative pieces tucked into the ribbon around your gifts. Rosemary and lavender are perfect for this and have the added benefit of providing a delightful natural scent, thereby engaging the sense of smell in the gifting process.

6 eco gift wrap ideas for every season

Wet Bags

Wet bags make fabulous gift wrap that can also be a practical part of the entire present. With zippered closure and available in 2 sizes, you don't need to do any fancy folding to hide the gifts inside.

Surprise! Wet bags make fabulous gift wrap that can also be a practical part of the entire present.


Using fabric to wrap gifts is a great way to conceal the surprise while ensuring the wrapping won't be thrown away. If you're gifting to a crafter, the fabric could be part of the gift or if you know they won't use it, you could simply ask for it back.

Pillow Cases

Gifting within the fam? Why not use a pillow case? Might not be particularly fancy, but when you need to wrap something large or bulky (such as a cricket set or Lego), pillow cases are where it's at!

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