August 04, 2018 2 min read

Multi-fit Pockets in Action: Parents Review Our OSFM Cloth Nappies

This review was first collected by Kate from Brave Tiger who has passed them on to us for sharing. Thank you to Yvette for taking the time to review the Multi-fit Pocket Nappy – we hope it continues to be of use to your beautiful family.


Hi there, my name is Yvette and I am a  rst time mum. My daughter Marli is now 8 months old. We started using cloth nappies when Marli was around 2 months old and we love them. Parents review the Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy - OSFM reusable cloth nappy

This nappy looks so adorable! We have the Nurture pattern which is very cute. The outer shell feels like good quality material and has the extra layer around the legs to catch any leaks. The big draw card for me with this nappy is the inserts. I am in love with the two inserts! The larger square (made of bamboo and cotton) folds neatly and is super absorbent. I haven’t personally seen others on the market with the square style insert which can be folded to suit your baby.

The smaller insert is a great booster for overnight. The inserts and shell have all washed well and have yet to show signs of wear. The inserts also dry relatively quickly (another reason why I prefer the square style as it is not as thick as traditional inserts). The nappy has been a good fit for my daughter around the tummy and the thighs.

The only downfall I should note is that there seems to be minimal elasticity around the legs. This hasn’t been a problem with my daughter; but I imagine with a chubbier baby – it could potentially be a little tight.

The performance of the nappy is first class. We haven’t had any leakages of poo or wee and it seems to absorb a good amount of wee. During the day, it has lasted 4 hours with only the large square and overnight (7:00pm – 6:00am) with both inserts!

I think this nappy is good value for the quality. The pattern is so sweet and overall it’s a good fit. It has slightly less elasticity around the legs than I’m used to but this hasn’t caused a problem for us. As I have mentioned, the inserts are amazing! I would definitively recommend this nappy!


Parents review the Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy - OSFM reusable cloth nappy

Parents review the Seedling Baby Multi-fit Pocket Nappy - OSFM reusable cloth nappy

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