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Paddle Pants in Action: Parents Review our Reusable Swim NappyThese reviews were first collected by Kate from Brave Tiger who has passed them on to us for sharing. Thank you to Yvette and Ruth for taking the time to review the Paddle Pants – we hope they continue to be of use to your beautiful families.


My daughter is 14 months old and loves water and swimming. We have a pool at home so she has been going to swimming lessons weekly since she was 4 months old.

The Paddle Pants have a lovely soft PU polyester outer and a mesh lining. They are super trim (our swimming instructor actually questioned me if my daughter had a swim nappy on the first time we used it) and there is elastic across the back for a snug fit. The multitude of snaps around the waist make it super easy to get a perfect fit every time and it’s fantastic that they are one-size-fits-most (up to 16kg) – I love that it will fit her for a long time to come. The double gussets give a nice tight seal around the legs which I’m sure would contain any pooplosions. They are fantastic quality and there are a variety of cute fun prints available.

My daughter has worn the Paddle Pants for 3 swimming lessons and twice at home. As it’s a swim nappy it’s not designed to be leak proof and we didn’t get to test whether it contains number twos, although I’m sure with those double gussets nothing would be able to escape! The nappy dried very quickly (less than half an hour) which is an added bonus.

The Paddle Pants are a fantastic one-size-fits-most swim nappy and I have already recommended this nappy to friends. There are even matching beach/swim bagsavailable! The swim nappy is high quality and I can see it will stand the test of time.


Parents review the Seedling Baby Paddle Pants - reusable swim nappies


Hi! My name is Ruth and I am reviewing Seedling Baby Paddle Pants with my 18month old twins, Evelyn and Harriet. I have been using cloth nappies for over 4 years now (with a brief 6 month gap between our eldest being toilet trained and our twins arriving). My stash isn’t big enough for the twins to be exclusively in cloth, so I use them during the day. We have not previously used swim nappies – ever! Our eldest didn’t go in the pool for the first time until after she was toilet trained, so this was our first ever experience with a swim nappy.

The Seedling Baby Paddle Pants look great. It looks very, very similar in design to the Seedling Baby pocket nappies, which I used once upon a time – and this makes me nervous about how well it will fit to be honest (I had trouble getting the pocket nappy to fit right). I was very relieved when I put it on the girls for the first time, that I was able to adjust and fit the nappy perfectly for both twins! Phew!

The Seedling Baby Paddle Pant actually ended up fitting both twins really well – they were both different settings, but it was quick and easy to adjust the sizing. And …. My favourite feature of all, a double gusset! I love a double gusset and the Seedling Baby Paddle Pant has a great one. The Seedling Baby Paddle Pant is incredibly trim – but as they are essentially just a cover this is no surprise. My twins are 18 months, and not on the small side either, but I do suspect that they would adjust nicely for a smaller baby too.

The Seedling Baby Paddle Pant fit nice and snug around the legs and waist. I love the double gusset on the legs. As it is a swim nappy, it isn’t really designed for absorption, however, we didn’t have any leaks from it, while on either twin.

The Seedling Baby Paddle Pant dries exceptionally fast. Being a PUL outer with no insert, there isn’t much to it and the drying time reflects this.

Over all, I think the Seedling Baby Paddle Pant is a great swim nappy. We have decided to purchase a second one so the twins don’t have to share! And we (my daughter and I) just have to agree on a print now! They fit well, don’t leak, dry fast and look super cute! With a double gusset and snap closure they have all my favourite features – what more could I ask from a swim nappy?


Parents review the Seedling Baby Paddle Pants - reusable swim nappies

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