August 26, 2017 1 min read

It’s kind of mind-blowing, isn’t it? The fact that we manage to use 2000 of a thing on one child during the course of one year.

The truth is that we change nappies approximately 2000 times during a child’s first year.

The type of nappies we change is entirely our choice.

When I first starting using cloth nappies, it seemed to be a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t I? It saved money, I felt it would be better for my child’s skin and it prevented a whole heap of landfill.

My mother-in-law said I wouldn’t keep it up. My friends looked at a me a little funny.

Eleven years later. Around 32,000 nappy changes later. I still use cloth. Why? Well, partly I suppose because it’s now habit. Partly because disposable nappies give my babies a rash. Partly because we’ve saved enough during that time to take an overseas holiday…

But mostly because it’s simpler.

It’s just the easier option for us now.

Remembering to buy disposables and being reliant on the supermarket for them is quite literally too hard. I went shopping yesterday with the intention of buying a small pack of eco-disposables to have in the cupboard for emergencies and – I kid you not – simply forgot.

Using cloth means I don’t need to go down the baby aisle. And that’s my favourite thing about cloth nappies. What’s yours?

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Make cloth the easy choice!