August 18, 2017 2 min read

Reusable nappy liners… do I really need them?

As a new mum many moons ago, I did wonder about this. Because, let’s face it, the expenses for a baby can quickly add up and as someone who prides herself in being a wise steward of our money, I wanted to be absolutely sure this was a real “need”.

Many years and babies later, I am 100% sure nappy liners for cloth nappies are a must for every mum. Even if you don’t use them at every change, they definitely have a place in every stash.

Here are my top reasons for using a reusable cloth nappy liner:


Increase Cloth Nappy Life

First of all, since most of us at some stage and with one baby or the other may have to use nappy rash cream to protect our little one’s bottoms, a nappy liner will make it easy for you to do that and protect your cloth nappy as well.

Using nappy rash cream without the liner can and will impact the absorbency of the nappy itself, so you never want to use a nappy cream without a liner.

Not just that, if you have the right size reusable liners for your nappies, they can cover the nappy perfectly so poo generally doesn’t even touch the nappy, which makes clean up much simple. It’s a lot easier to rinse a liner than it is to rinse various components of a nappy.


Save Money and the Planet… One Liner at a Time

One of the most important reasons I decided to use reusable cloth nappy liners was because…wait for it… the money I saved!

Yes, do you remember when I was starting out I was worried they were an unnecessary expense. Turns out, not only are they not an expense, they’re in fact, a money saver.

  • You save each time you don’t have to replace a cloth nappy that’s gotten ruined with nappy cream.
  • You save each time you don’t have to use a disposable liner.
  • You save each time you don’t have to buy more cloth nappy liners when baby #2 or #3 come along.

Plus, you’re contributing to keeping the planet greener and reducing the load on the landfills as well.

Feels good, doesn’t it?


Are you a reusable nappy liner- lovin’ Mum too?? Share your reasons with us in the comments!

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