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Diversifold Mini

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Our smallest prefold, the Diversifold Mini is great as a stand-alone nappy or for parents who are using the Mini-fit Pocket and want a quicker rotation on the shells.

Designed to fit babies as a prefold between 2 and 4 kg or until toilet training as an absorbent booster, Diversifolds take cloth nappying to a whole new level of simplicity and ease.

A great-priced booster to help get your older kids through nights and naps.

Absorbent and sturdy, these prefolds will be a staple in your nappy stash for years to come.

Available in a pack of 3 or individually. Please note that Diversifold Minis that are sold individually do not come with swing tags or packaging.

Size: Each prefold measures approximately 28 x 28 cm. Will shrink slightly after washing.

Composition: 70% bamboo viscose, 30% cotton



Use from 2 – 4 kg in angel wing fold.

Diversifolds take cloth nappying to a whole new level of simplicity and ease. Use from 2 – 6 kg in angel wing fold.

Use from 4+ kg as a pocket nappy booster, or lay inside a shell. 

At all stages, the Diversifold Mini can be used in conjunction with your other nappies for extra absorbency at night and for naps.

Washing Instructions

Step 1. Flush solids, or run newborn nappies through a rinse cycle or use a nappy sprayer, to rid them of less-than-solid poo.
Step 2. Nappies can be stored in a wet bag or bucket for up to two days before washing.
Step 3. When you have enough nappies for a wash load, put nappies through a warm rinse with half-strength detergent.
Step 4. Wash nappies on a long cycle up to 60°C with the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your load size and water level.
Step 5. Line dry or tumble dry on a low setting.

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