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Cómodo Wrap Mini (2-6 KG)

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When you need a nappy cover, you need something comfortable, easy and convenient…

Our Cómodo Wrap Mini ticks all those boxes.

The Cómodo Wrap Mini is a perfect miniature version of our regular Cómodo Wrap and is designed to fit most babies between 2 and 6 kg.

The cover features a dip at the front to allow for newborn cord care and fits beautifully over flat, fitted or prefold-style cloth nappies.

PLEASE NOTE: Sizing is a guide only.

Not sure which size Cómodo Wrap is the right fit for your baby? CLICK HERE for a sizing guide.

Washing Instructions

Step 1. Flush solids, or run newborn nappies through a rinse cycle or use a nappy sprayer, to rid them of less-than-solid poo.
Step 2. Nappies can be stored in a wet bag or bucket for up to two days before washing.
Step 3. When you have enough nappies for a wash load, put nappies through a warm rinse with half-strength detergent.
Step 4. Wash nappies on a long cycle up to 60°C with the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your load size and water level.
Step 5. Line dry or tumble dry on a low setting.

Shipping Information

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Best fit

I have a newborn boy and started using reusable nappies during the day. I have different brands and inserts. I think the best one for me is this newborn comodo wrap and the diversifold (regular). Fit is great, no leaks considering my boy pees and have runny poo a lot. Simple to use and thr insert is quite thirsty too. Only negative is we don't know when it is full as there is no wet indicator and it is bulky with the insert unlike disposables which is for any other brand of reusable nappies anyway. It runs a bit big so I thinkwe can use it longer. Not sure if we can use this as swimming nappy too as design is similar.

Absolute Stand-Out!

I use these covers over fitteds and prefolds. I have 3 other brands of covers and the seedling comodo wraps are a stand-out above the rest. They never leak, contain blowouts, fit well regardless of absorbent layer and super cute. I wish I had bought more of these instead of trying a mix of brands. I am so impressed I have bought the OSFM multifits to make up the bulk of my stash.

Emily Whalan
Made extremely well

Very positive. Super happy!

Catherine Griffin
Love that these go up to 6kg so I can enjoy the cutest little butt for that li’l bitlonger!

Wonderful product. Super easy to purchase and just the best customer service. Thank you Seedling Baby!