December 05, 2016 2 min read

There are a few things you simply shouldn’t do with cloth nappies.


  1. Don’t wash once a week or less. To avoid mould and the build-up of harmful bacteria in your nappy bucket and laundry, wash at least every second day. If you leave moist nappies in a warm, dark, sealed environment for any length of time, expect mould! Wash out your bucket regularly and leave the lid off if possible. If you are washing every second day and mould occurs or persists, there might be another cause.

  2. Don’t leave the nappy on for more than 2 hours during the day.Of course, at night you want the nappy to last all night, but for day use, change at least every 2 hours, or as soon as they’ve soiled the nappy. This rule should be applied whether your child wears disposable or reusable nappies. A dirty nappy is the most successful creator of rash and skin irritation.

  3. Don’t put your nappies through a strip wash too often.Harsh processes can cause damage to your elastic and PUL plus deteriorate the booster fabric. Under no circumstances should you use a soaking solution such as Napisan. This will void the warranty of most modern cloth nappies, damage your elastic, deteriorate your booster fabric and the residue may irritate your baby’s skin.

  4. Don’t underestimate the size of your stash. A one-size nappy has to work overtime as it doesn’t get a break from birth until potty training so be kind to it and it will serve you well! Even if you’re keen to get by on 12 nappies and wash every day, don’t expect a nappy that is used and washed that frequently to last for more than one child. Few other products that contain elastic and waterproof fabric will withstand such a rigorous schedule, so be sure you have enough nappies so that you can wash every second day and give your nappies a little rest between uses. From poo-plosions to acidic urine, hot washing and tumble drying, nappies cop a lot! It’s also nice to have a few extra in the stash for days you simply don’t get the washing done, or days when it rains as soon as you’ve hung them out… or days when your baby poos every half hour.

  5. Don’t use cream without a liner.Using cream on your baby’s bottom without a liner can cause your nappy to repel urine. The cream can build up on the top layer of your nappy, adversely affecting absorbency and causing the nappy to leak in places it otherwise wouldn’t and shouldn’t.

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