Cloth Nappy Storage Inspiration

April 12, 2019 2 min read

Finding a solution for your cloth nappy storage can be a lot of fun. Not only do you need it to be effective and practical, but you might also want to use it to show off all that reusable goodness (and the so many delightful prints in your collection!).

I’ve heard of some parents using their nappies as a way to bring the seasons into the home, displaying different colours or themes for different seasons – reds/oranges/yellows on display during autumn, pinks/purples/greens for spring. Others use them to teach colours, letters, animals and more. How lovely! What a truly delightful extension of the cloth nappy journey.

In this post, we look at some of the more creative and practical ways you can store your stash.


Need to have quick and easy “at-a-glance” access to your nappies but want to keep them out of reach of the toddler who can fire everything off the bottom shelf of the change table? You might want to store your nappies in a drawer.

Using this method, you can stack them sideways (à la Marie Kondo), so that you can easily see which nappy you want. Pink to go with the dress? Fitted with a cover? Night nappy for nap time? Picking the right nappy is simplified dramatically when you store them this way.

Keeping your nappies in a drawer can also help to create a minimalist feel in your nursery, especially if you’re trying to keep a calm and muted space for your little one to sleep.

Image Credit: Our Cloth Family Adventure
Image Credit: Green Pearl
Image Credit: Green Pearl


Really want to show off your nappies and have them on full display? An assortment of boxes and baskets can be used to create a really delightful design feature in its own right.

Image Credit: The Nappy Bucket
Image Credit: Fill Your Pants
Image Credit: Alicia McQueen


Ok, so maybe we can’t all have incredible shelf displays like Nest Nappies’ Great Wall of Nappies…

Image Credit: Nest Nappies

But we can do it on a smaller scale and if you happen to have a small shelf and nappies that you want to use as a feature, this might be a great option for you.

Image Credit: Laura Young
Image Credit: Fluffy Bums
Creative and practical cloth nappy storage ideas and insipiration.
Image Credit: Sam from Mamas Fave Four
Creative and practical cloth nappy storage ideas and insipiration.


Some families find it easiest to put their nappies together before putting them away, but others find it works best to put nappies together as required. If you’re in the latter camp, you might find a split storage system works best. Covers or shells in one bucket/basket/box/drawer, inserts in another, liners and wipes in a third.

Image Credit: Little Strawberries
Creative and practical cloth nappy storage ideas and insipiration.


None of these ideas floating your boat? How about something completely different? If space is tight, why not hang them against the wall in pockets like Megan has done, under your change area or in a wet bag hanging from the side of your change table?

Image Credit: megan.374
Creative and practical cloth nappy storage ideas and insipiration.

Head over to our Pinterest board where we’ve saved a bunch of other great concepts and if you’ve got your perfect set-up happening, we’d love to take a peek; tag us @seedling_baby on Instagram!

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