February 04, 2021 3 min read

Boosting Your Nappies in an Emergency

Last year when the toilet paper drama hit, shop shelves were depleted of toilet paper stock within days and in many cases were out for weeks to follow. For months, there was a limit on the amount of toilet paper you could purchase and a run on disposable nappies occurred shortly after.

Although the nappy run was less intense, it was enough to foster a spike in cloth nappy sales. Many people made the full switch and still more grabbed half a dozen cloth nappies to have on hand for just such an occasion.

Nearly 15 years ago, one of the key reasons we started using cloth nappies was for self-sufficiency. I didn’t want to be dependent on the supermarket for a daily staple. And if you have even a few cloth nappies on hand, you’ll know that when you run out, you can simply wash and reuse.

But have you thought about what you might do if the electricity goes out for a few days and you can’t wash? Or it rains for a week and you can’t get anything dry? Or if the shelves again empty of disposables and you don’t have enough cloth to get you through? Or the zombie apocalypse hits and you give birth before you have a chance to order nappies??

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be stressful.

You don’t have to fork out several hundred more for an “emergency stash” of cloth or hoard extra cartons of disposables. You just need to know how to turn everyday items into boosters. Couple these with a waterproof cover (or which you can get by with just 2 or 3) and you’re set.

Here are some of the best household items that can be turned into boosters (or even complete nappies) in a pinch.


The humble t-shirt can be turned into an actual nappy with wings and all! Just like a prefold. Don’t believe me? Here’s a video showing you how. And while you might not want to put your best Dior t-shirt on your baby’s bottom, chances are you’ve already got a few hanging around that you no longer wear. Add these to your emergency stash.

Hand towels and tea towels

Large enough to be used as a prefold and super thirsty, hand towels and tea towels are a great alternative to dedicated nappies. Sometimes you just need a few extra boosters in rotation for the wet months and these are a solid solution. They can be folded angel-wing style just like a prefold, or can be used pad-style. These are also demonstrated in the video linked above.

Angel wing fold for prefold cloth nappy - can also be used with tea towels or hand towels as emergency nappy solutions

Face washers

These are perfect as extra boosters. You don’t need to do anything to them - just fold in halves or thirds and pop in with your regular nappy for some next-level absorbency. You can add them on the outside of a fitted nappy (right next to the cover) as an extra night booster without compromising containment around the legs.

Boosting your cloth nappies on a budget or in an emergency is easy!

Old PJs

Got some old PJs laying around? Cut the arms or legs off and use these as lay-in boosters for your current stash.


Our Diversifolds are epically versatile so if your child has outgrown the nappies but still needs something for night, you can use two of the Diversifold+ (in a T shape as pictured) to create a toddler-sized solution without investing in toddler-sized nappies. #winning

Night cloth nappy solutions for children over 5 years

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Make cloth the easy choice!