August 22, 2022 1 min read

Wondering if you could use some wet bag goodness in your life? Here are just some of things our family has used wet bags for:

💤 Overnight bag with spare change of clothes, pyjamas, small toiletry bag and toy
💦 One for each child to place on their bedroom door for dirty clothes
🚽 To store cloth nappies and training pants when out and about – one for the clean nappies/pants and another to hold the soiled ones
🌊 Swim gear and beach towel
👶🏼 Makeshift change mat
🧩 Games and toy storage (great for grouping ie, doll’s clothes, toy cars, play jewellery, dress-ups)
📚 Library bag
💪🏽 Gym gear
⛑ First aid kit
🧻 Reusable wipes (damp or dry)
👖 Change of clothes for a day out
🛒 Reusable shopping bags – excellent for cold/frozen items and items that could leak
🧺 Picnic sack
🧵 To hold a sewing or knitting project that we don’t want getting mixed up with other sewing supplies
🎁 As reusable gift wrap

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