June 08, 2018 2 min read

After 11 years in this industry, I think the greatest lesson I’ve learned is to trust the process.

Just as unborn babies have their own ideas about exactly when they’ll make an appearance, so too do new products! Try as we might push towards a timeline of some kind, and as much as we might work towards a launch date… ultimately, it’s not up to us.

We started this journey back in October with the beginnings of an idea for two new Australian icon-themed prints. Life happens and people always come first in our business, so the process of creating these two prints was longer than originally anticipated. But once we had them… my goodness, it was worth the wait! As always, Flora Waycott did an incredible job crafting these two unique pieces from the vision which we’d put to paper.

Once we had the print files, it was then off to our factory for production, but of course it’s not just one factory; it’s very many factories that all produce various components of the products. From labels, to elastic, to the swing tags, to the print fabric itself. All of these pieces are produced and then come together to be assembled.

So while one component might be on track, another may be a little behind and it affects the whole process.

But that’s ok. We’re definitely on the home stretch now.

New Seedling Baby cloth nappy prints are coming soon!

Our first batch of samples have arrived as the bulk shipment nears completion, and as we turn these lovely samples over in our hands, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Thrilled to work with wonderful small business owners like Flora Waycott (our prints illustrator) and Kiley Blatch (our photographer), Janelle Baine from Inkee Press (our graphic designer) and Mel Smith from Easily Sorted (who saves my sanity on a regular basis).

Thrilled to work with a select group of incredible stockists across Australia who work hard to help new parents get into cloth and grateful for the parents who choose our nappies for their precious babes.

And we are so excited that our long awaited new nappies will be reaching Aussie shores in the coming weeks.

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