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Seedling Print

Warehouse clearance on seconds and ex demo stock.

These items are perfectly functional, some with minor aesthetic flaws such as misaligned binding, uneven/messy stitching, dirt marks, damaged/missing packaging or incorrect labels. Some are ex demo.

These bundles are the perfect way to start or increase your stash. Please select carefully based on the following Lot numbers.

All pocket nappies sold in bundles have their relevant inserts/boosters.

This is stock that has been set aside for the past few print launches as ex demo or seconds so there is an enormous variety of prints and products.


Lucky Dip Paddle Pants / Cómodo Wraps / Cómodo Wrap Mini / Teeny Totes / Beach Bags

We’ll send you a random pair from our beautiful box of Paddle Pants, Cómodo Wraps, Teeny Totes, Beach Bags or Cómodo Wrap Minis that have minor aesthetic flaws.

Lucky Dip Shells

Our pocket nappy shells in this section are the Multi-fit (4-16 kg) size and have minor aesthetic flaws (as described above) and do not come with boosters.


Lot Numbers

Currently sold out. 

Washing Instructions

Step 1. Flush solids, or run newborn nappies through a rinse cycle or use a nappy sprayer, to rid them of less-than-solid poo.
Step 2. Nappies can be stored in a wet bag or bucket for up to two days before washing.
Step 3. When you have enough nappies for a wash load, put nappies through a warm rinse with half-strength detergent.
Step 4. Wash nappies on a long cycle up to 60°C with the amount of detergent recommended by the detergent manufacturer for your load size and water level.
Step 5. Line dry or tumble dry on a low setting.

Shipping Information

We offer flat rate standard shipping of $13.95 Australia-wide for orders under $160.

If your order is over $160, we'll ship it free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
The best nappies

This is the third time I’ve bought Seedling Baby nappies, they are bomb proof and easily the first nappies I reach for.

Hanan Aly
Seedling Baby nappies are worth the investment

I purchased a set of "seconds" at the start of my cloth nappy journey. The low price meant there was less risk if I wasn't able to continue to use reusables.

Firstly, there isn't anything noticeably wrong with these nappies. On close inspection, there could be some uneven stitches, but mostly you would have to inspect them closely to find the flaws.

Having used these seconds for more than a month, I would say that the quality of these nappies are excellent. Seedling Baby nappies are so well made, if I would go back, I wouldn't mind having invested in a set of the full priced multi-fit pocket nappies.

I have bought other brands as well, some I liked that were trimmer than SB nappies, but I found these other brands were less reliable in terms of leaks.

These Seedling Baby nappies have never leaked, and they make up about half of my current stash. I trust this brand the most when it comes to leaks and containment.

I do have hands on the larger side, and that makes stuffing the nappy a little bit more difficult for me as the pocket is not elasticated. I don't find it as much of an issue anymore after using them for a while and getting used to stuffing them.

All in all, I'm very pleased with my purchase and happy to have a good number of these nappies in my stash.

Fantastic nappies

This is the third or fourth time I’ve ordered Seedling nappies, they are easily my favourites. Such a good quality nappy, you can’t go past them.

Milan Seth



Nappies fit well. Plenty of absorption. Shipping was fast, and the quality is good! Would purchase again.