August 18, 2018 2 min read

7 Things You Can Change Right Now to Become More Self-Sufficient

Self-sufficient living is something many of us aspire to and it might have even been a New Year’s resolution that hasn’t quite worked out yet.

But it can sometimes feel overwhelming and complicated.


1. Plant some veggies. By far, the easiest thing to grow is lettuce and you can do that whether you have huge vegetable planters on a ten acre hobby farm, or just a few pots on your apartment verandah. Herbs do really well in pots too.

2. Build a compost bin so that your can put kitchen waste to good use and create your own (free!) fertiliser for the garden mentioned above. It’s estimated that families waste in excess of $1000 worth of food every year; creating a compost heap will help you understand just how much your own family throws away and may help you to curb some of that wastage.

3. Make your own baby food. Start by just keeping aside some fo the veggies from your own meal and blend them. Easy!

4. Use cloth nappies. There’s nothing more liberating than knowing that you don’t have to rely on a supermarket for your nappy needs.

5. Preserve. When you find vegetables cheap, buy in bulk and preserve the excess. You can often find cheap veggies at the farmer’s market when they’re close to the end of their fresh life. If you have room to grow your own vegetables, put in a zucchini plant. They are prolific, so not only will you have enough for the current season, but you’ll be able to grate and freeze them for use in quiches, frittatas and casseroles during the winter months. 

6. Make your own cleaning gear. Laura Trotta has a fantastic (free!) natural cleaning resource HERE.

7. Stop buying toys. Make them instead. There are so many great homemade toy ideas out there – there are loads of awesome ideas here – or you can borrow them from a toy library or do a swap with friends.


Now over to you… what would YOU add to this list?

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