May 11, 2018 2 min read

Winter Cloth Nappying Tips: The Complete Guide to Using Reusable Nappies When it's Cold

Modern cloth nappies are hugely convenient for cloth nappying parents. They’re easy to use, eco-friendly and economical too! However, come winter, the cold and rain can put a dampener on our cloth nappying enthusiasm.

Busy parents, like you and me, can feel overwhelmed with nappies that don’t dry and the alarming rate at which our nappy stash dwindles when we can’t rotate them quickly enough.




1. Invest in more flats and prefolds. Flats and prefold cloth nappies are great for the cold season since they dry easily and quickly, compared to all-in-ones and pocket nappies.

2. Get an indoor clothes rack or airer and move it close to the heating vent or a window where you get some amount of sunshine.

3. Pay attention to the weather report. No kidding! This is one tip that really helped us and still helps us dry clothes in winter. If you know when it’ll be raining or snowing, you plan laundry days accordingly.


4. Increase your stash of cloth nappies. Honestly, sometimes you just don’t get a day of sunshine and you’re out of nappies. Having a secret stash of emergency cloth nappies really saw us through some ‘smelly’ situations! You can go for flats if budget is a constraint… or you can try one of these no-sew {FREE} emergency options!

5. Using the dryer is okay, at times. As much as you want to conserve energy, sometimes, tossing the nappies into the dryer to air them out briefly to get rid of any smells, can be a lifesaver.


6. Rinse nappies as soon as they get soiled and before you toss them into the nappy bucket or wet bag. This will get most of the stains and smells out and make it easier for you to wash them.


7. Be prepared to hand wash a few nappies every now and then. When my daughter was little, I would often wash a few flat nappies by hand and then hang them to dry in a room with the heater on or by the fire. Quick and simple.


8. Peg your nappies AGAINST the rack or line, not over it. Pegging over the line effectively doubles the fabric against itself, taking it longer to dry.


What are some of your best tips for drying cloth nappies when it’s cold outside? 

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