May 22, 2021 1 min read

We're nearly half way through the year and if "saving money" was one of your 2021 goals, and you haven't made the switch to cloth yet... now is the time!
You've got this 👊
Cloth nappies can save parents over $1200 during their child’s time in nappies and one of the best ways to ensure you’ll stick with a financial goal is to envision what you’ll do with the savings.
$1200 in savings will look different for everyone, but it might translate to a family holiday, 6 months worth of fuel, several months of groceries, a substantial chunk off your mortgage or music and swimming lessons for your kids.
Obviously, starting with a full stash from the beginning will save you more in the long run, but if you can’t quite manage a full stash to start, just invest in half a dozen nappies and start there. After a few weeks of keeping aside the money you would have otherwise spent on disposables, you can invest in a few more cloth nappies, and keep going until you’re able to commit to full time reusable nappy use.
Small change. Big impact. Start today.
Using cloth nappies can save families $1200 for each child

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